domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2007

Sophie Calle / Trong Nguyen

"I thought to myself, maybe there's material in taking the errors and enacting the works just as they are described by the journalists? So if a journalist mistakenly said I'd done a project with deaf people, I'd have to do a project with deaf people."
"Before I got irritated and said, 'it's not true, I never said that', I now rub my hands, when I've found something wrong. It's another way of taking care of myself, a way of turning things around. Instead of being upset about being misinterpreted, I go looking for it, I hope for it, I wait for it. It's the right method, turning things to my advantage in order not to suffer from them."

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Rogério Nuno Costa disse...

ora aqui está mais uma amiga nossa.