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Tracey Emin / Stefan Bruggemann

A swear word texted by art rebel Tracey Emin is up for sale on eBay for £20, labelled as art. The message, which reads simply 'T***', is being flogged by David West.
He got the artist's number from a notice she put up in East London asking if anyone had seen her cat. He texted her a summary of a newspaper article about her and she sent back the obscenity. Mr West, of North London, is selling framed copies of the text.In an ad for BT, Emin said: 'Art's everywhere. A text message could even be art.'

'A culture that adults care more and more about, to the extent that adults are trying to be children. ... we’re now living in a world where the generations are beginning to dissolve. There’s no longer a gap. The edges are being blurred. Just as the edges with high art and low art. They’re all being blurred. We can now say art is fashion, as well as fashion is art. Everything’s blurred.'

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